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    Reference: New Corporate Acquisition of
    "The Roger K Sherman Company"

    HTA Enterprises, parent Company to: HTA Photomask, announces the acquisition of all assets of the Roger K Sherman Company of Los Altos, California. Roger Sherman was founder of the Certified Measurement Standards for the Semiconductor and Photomask Industries since the early beginnings of the micro electronics industry long before NIST was involved. Later as NIST was forming measurement standards Roger worked with them to build standards that are traceable to the established NIST standards.

    The acquisition includes all the rights to Manufacture, Sell, Certify and the annual ReCertification Services of the Measurement Standards. Included in the sale is the advanced IP of the Roger K Sherman Company of Los Altos, California.

    HTA Photomask has been the primary manufacturer of the RKS Measurement Standards for approximately 35 years.

    HTA Photomask has been a specialty Photomask manufacturer since 1982. HTA 'sentry into the mask business began with extremely small geometry sizes down to .4 micron in size. Today HTA's mask services includes large masks to 28 inches and as small as they can be cut with laser glass cutting technology. Although most of the masks today are written with laser imaging technology, HTA, has maintained some legacy optical technology processes for unique applications.

    For inquires please contact HTA at ( 702} 381-2000 or;


    HTA Enterprises, 2580 East Sunset Road, Las Vegas, NV 89120, ,
    Telephone (702} 381-2000



The Roger K. Sherman Company specializes in the production and certification of precision Line Width Calibration Standards. We have proudly served the semiconductor, magnetic head and biomedical industries for over 50 years.

Our products include a selection of Line Width Calibration Standards containing Lines, Spaces and Circles ranging from 0.5 microns to 1,050 microns. For complete details on these products, please click on Products & Services or select the model of interest from above.  Custom orders are welcome.

Reliability of Line Width Calibration Standards can only be guaranteed if they are inspected and Re-certified at regular intervals. We recommend that this be done annually or at the first sign of damage or contamination. All Standards shipped to us for Re-certification receive our highest priority and will be returned within five working-days.

We take great pride in providing our customers with personal, convenient and expedient service. Our customers always come first! If you have any questions or comments regarding our products or services, please click on Contact Us or feel free to call us at 650-941-8300.

Thank you for visiting our website and allowing us to continue serving your calibration needs.

Roger K. Sherman, President/Owner          Diana Kravel, Co owner, Products & Services Mgr.

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